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Detailed PCB manufacturing process and precautions
The first-class production comes from the first-class design. The production of Huaqiang PCB is inseparable from the cooperation of your design. Every engineer should follow the conventional production process design to design.

Detailed design parameters:

one. Via vias (commonly known as conductive vias)

1, the minimum aperture: 0.3mm (12mil)

2. The minimum via (VIA) aperture is not less than 0.3mm (12mil), and the unilateral pad can not be less than 6mil (0.153mm), preferably greater than 8mil (0.2mm). Large is not limited This point is very important, the design must be considered

3, Via (VIA) hole to hole spacing (hole edge to hole edge) can not be less than: 6mil is better than 8mil This point is very important, the design must consider

4, pad to outline line spacing 0.508mm (20mil

two. line

1. Minimum line spacing: 6mil (0.153mm). The minimum line spacing is line to line, and the distance from the line to the pad is not less than 6mil. From the production point of view, the bigger the better, the general routine is at 10mil. Of course, if the design conditions, the bigger the better, this point is very important. Must consider

2. Minimum line width: 6mil (0.153mm). In other words, if the line width is less than 6 mil, the line width will not be able to be produced. (The minimum line width of the inner layer of the multilayer board is 8 MIL.) If the design conditions permit, the larger the design, the better, and the line width is large. The better the Huaqiang PCB factory, the better. The higher the rate is, the more common design routine is around 10 mil. This point is very important and the design must be considered

3. Line to outline line spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

three. PAD pad (commonly known as the plug hole (PTH))

1, the plug hole (PTH) pad outer ring unilateral can not be less than 0.2mm (8mil) of course, the bigger the better this point is very important, the design must consider

2, Plug hole (PTH) hole to hole spacing (hole edge to hole edge) can not be less than: 0.3mm Of course, the bigger the better This is very important, the design must be considered

3, plug hole size depends on your components to be set, but must be greater than your component pins, it is recommended to be greater than the minimum 0.2mm or 0.6 component pin, you have to design at least 0.8 to prevent processing Tolerances make it difficult to insert,

4, pad to outline line spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

four. Welding

1. Plug-in hole window, SMD window can not be less than 0.1mm (4mil)

Fives. Characters (character design directly affect the production, whether the character is clear in character design is very relevant)

1. The character width cannot be less than 0.153mm (6mil), the height can not be less than 0.811mm (32mil), and the relationship between the width and the height ratio is preferably 5, that is to say, the width of the word is 0.2mm and the height of the word is 1mm. class

Six: non-metallic slot hole slot spacing of not less than 1.6mm or will greatly increase the difficulty of milling

Seven: Imposition

1. Impose the imposition of gaps, gaps and impositions, and gaps between impositions will not be less than 1.6 (thickness of 1.6 mm). Otherwise it will greatly increase the difficulty of milling. The size of the imposition work board is not the same as the equipment. Clearance-free imposition gap 0.5mm process edge can not be less than 5mm

Related considerations

First, the original document on PADS design

1. For the face attributes of the double panel file PADS, the through hole attribute (Through) cannot be selected, and the blind buried attribute (Partial) cannot be selected. The borehole file cannot be generated, which will result in missing drill holes.

2, in the PADS inside the slot design do not add in the components together, because the GERBER can not be generated normally, in order to avoid leaks, please add in the DrillDrawing slot.

3. The PADS is paved with copper. The manufacturer uses the Hatch method to lay copper. After the customer's original documents are moved to the line, they must be re-coppered and stored (by flooding with copper) to avoid short circuits.

Second, on PROTEL99SE and DXP design documents

1. The solder mask of the manufacturer is based on the Solder mask layer. If a paste layer (Paste layer) needs to be made, and there are multiple layers (Multilayer) of the solder mask, the GERBER cannot be generated. Move to the solder mask.

2. Do not lock the outline in the Protel 99SE and the GERBER cannot be generated normally.

3. Do not select the KEEPOUT option in the DXP file. This will mask the outline and other components and will not generate the GERBER.

4. Please pay attention to the design of the front and the back of these two documents. In principle, the top word is the right word, the bottom part should be designed as the reverse word, and the manufacturer is to superimpose the board from the top layer to the bottom layer. Monolithic boards should pay special attention, don't arbitrarily mirror! Doing it right is counterproductive.

three. Other considerations

1, the shape (such as plate, slot, V-CUT) must be placed in the KEEPOUT layer or mechanical layer, can not be placed in other layers, such as silk screen layer, circuit layer. All slots or holes that need to be machined should be placed on the first floor to avoid leaks or holes.

2. If the two layers of the mechanical layer and the KEEPOUT layer are inconsistent in shape, please give special instructions. In addition, the shape should be given an effective shape. If there is an internal groove, the line shape of the external shape at the intersection with the internal groove needs to be deleted. Grooves. The slots and holes designed in the mechanical and KEEPOUT layers are generally made of copper-free holes (copper is required to make copper when making films). If you need to handle metal holes, please note.

3, with three kinds of software design, please pay special attention to the need for exposed copper button.

4, if you want to do the metalization of the slot is the safest practice is to fight together more than one pad, this approach must be no error

5, Goldfinger board orders please special note whether it is necessary to do bevel chamfering.

6, to GERBER file please check whether the file is less layer phenomenon, the general manufacturer will directly in accordance with the GERBER file production.

7. Normally gerber uses the following naming methods:

Component Line: gtl Component Surface Solder Mask: gts

Component surface character: gto weld surface line: gbl

Welding surface resistance welding: gbs welding surface character: gbo

Shape: gko hole diagram: gdd

Drilling: drll

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