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Excessive Consumption of Copper Sulfate in FPC Copper Plating Bath and Effect of Copper Ball
In the recent period of time, the content of copper sulfate in production was low on each analysis. Originally, it was discounted once a week. Now when the consumption is excessive, it is changed to a daily deduction, and copper sulfate is declining every day. It was originally controlled. At 60-80g/L, but just added on the previous day, there was a 6-7G loss on the next day, and it was hard to understand why copper sulfate was consumed so much.

Subsequently, according to the production operation amount, follow-up, according to the production capacity of each class is about 30 square meters, about 60 square meters a day, copper is consumed around 21KG a day, a large groove of copper ball is about 1400KG, according to the production needs to consume 21KG every day Therefore, according to theoretical calculations, the copper ball must be supplemented by 147KG each week. After two weeks of observation, the supply of copper balls in production was not timely. Originally, it was necessary to make additional supplements every week. However, it was only supplemented once in two weeks. After analysis and observation, it was found that within a few days after the addition of copper balls, The consumption of copper sulphate is very low, and the consumption of about 1-3G is maintained, which is much improved than the continuous consumption of 6-7G per day.

From this we know that the consumption of copper sulphate has a certain proportion with the number of copper balls. According to this situation, we first increase the number of pegged blues of copper balls, the middle row is the most expensive, and we increase the Two blues, two blue ones on each side, and the copper balls are all filled up again, followed by several minutes of follow-up. The consumption of copper sulphate is very steady every day, almost no consumption, and a few days' worth of copper balls After consumption, copper sulphate has declined somewhat every day. Again, the amount of copper balls has a direct relationship with the consumption of copper sulphate.

We adjusted it again and added it as a direct operation step every week. According to this process, the use of copper sulfate was stabilized.

Once again, friends who do electroplating with everyone said that the use and maintenance of potions must be produced according to requirements. If they go on forever, they will only make production more difficult. Start with small things and maintenance...